Latest Hiring trends in India – Recruitment


Latest Hiring trends in India – Recruitment

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Latest hiring trends- Recruitment


You must have come across a saying quite a lot these days- “the only thing constant today is the change”! Ironically, it is believed that the constant changes in technology and trends have impacted every industry a lot. Hence, everyone needs to buck up to match the hiring trends.

When said everybody, it included the talent acquisition teams and recruitment bodies as well. In this candidate-driven job market, hiring bodies need to be in touch with the hiring trends of the market constantly and do whatever the candidates expect. This is the only way for them to acquire the best employees for their company. As said, it’s a candidate-driven job market- a market where candidates got the upper hand over the recruiters.


For you to catch up, these are some of the top hiring trends in India:


  • Welcoming the technology

As mentioned above, technology has pretty much taken over all the industries in India. People have had a hard time adopting it but did it anyway and observed better results as well. In the hiring industry as well, technology has done its job. According to the data, 45% of candidates today search for jobs and opportunities through online portals or apps.


  • Got the tricks to reduce the costs?

There’s seen that the companies have adopted some really good techniques to reduce their costs, which have had an impact on the hiring process as well. Lately, companies have been hiring freshers in order to acquire fresh talent who they can train according to them and also save them high salaries that they would need to pay to the experienced people. So, if you’ve not adopted any such technique, buckle up.


  • Artificial intelligence taking the lead

Artificial intelligence has been a replacement for a lot of tasks, but not all of them. With AI impacting a lot of industries, the job market has been the most important one. Recruiters need to catch up with the artificial intelligence systems in order to be in the job market and perform.


  • It’s only skills now!

Gone are the days when fathers left their sons at their position while retiring! Now, be the government jobs or private sector jobs, it’s all about skills. This has been one of the most positive recruitment trends of the decade. People are hired and acknowledged for the skills and talents that they possess.


  • Algorithms and analytics

Recruiters do not evaluate the candidates anymore! Data analysis systems and algorithms have taken their places instead. Algorithms evaluate a candidate’s performance and ability through the applicant tracking system and match it to the requirement of the company that’s recruiting him. Also, it is the best tool to find employees for the required position in the company. It straightforwardly analyzes and displays the best-suited candidates for the position according to the existing data or the newly entered data.


Noted the points well? Are you surprised by the things mentioned above? Were you already using these recruitment trends or still planning to adopt the above-listed? In the end, it’s all worth it when you’ve got the best human resource working for your organizational objectives.